Ripe olives are hand-picked during September-December and delivered to the plant of Olivin Olives in Akhisar, Manisa.

Olives are washed,sorted and well calibrated in the plant first, so that they are cleaned and classified. They are then brought to fermentation tanks and fermentation is carried out according to the food safety and legal legislation using the newest technology.

Fermented olives are passed through stem remover machines for further sorting and cleaning and carried to selection band where defected olives are picked.

In the next step of processing, olives are conveyed to slicing machines if they are to be sliced and double settlement is carried out to prevent olive pits. Sliced olives are selected again and packed with high ring and zero pit percentage. If olives are to be stuffed, they are passed to pitting machine after stemming line. Pitted olives are stuffed carefully and packed.

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